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Residential & commercial building surveyors London

For a bespoke fee, we will produce an in-depth report, providing a comprehensive assessment of the structure and condition of the property.

Our turnaround time is prompt, and the clarity of the report will allow you to make an informed decision regarding your potential property purchase. Whilst covering the standard RICS information provided in an HSV of the propertyBuilding Surveys give greater written detail on the findings along with explanations and photographs throughout.

At the time of instruction, we can help you determine the areas that need greater attention during the house survey and the complete building survey.

For clients looking to purchase either higher value larger older homes or commercial buildings, MEREDITH Helpful Surveyors also offer more detailed Building Surveys.

Possible services offered from a London building Surveyor

  • Thoroughly checking the structure and condition and providing a compiled list of defects with advice on repairs and maintenance.
  • Detailed consideration of the local area and any possible blight is given, for example: potential flooding, crime hot spots, proximity to electromagnetic fields from grid substations or from mobile network base stations.
  • Comprehensive plumbing or electrical and system checks can be carried out by specialists instructed by us on your behalf if we recommend.
  • Examination of all permanent outbuildings as well as the main structure both inside and out are undertaken.
  • Hazardous materials. 

“A building survey with a difference from MEREDITH Helpful Surveyors! What a breath of fresh air to deal with a company that wants to go the extra mile on your behalf. […] The face-to-face debrief, conducted onsite at the end of the survey, was crucial to answering my questions and helped me to understand the findings in their proper context.”

- Emma M

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